Top 10 Best Goal Celebrations In Soccer History

Top 10 Best Goal Celebrations In Soccer History

In soccer, goals don’t always happen, so when they do, the celebrations are all the more remarkable. The top 10 memorable moments in sports history are listed below by the Score.

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  • “The Old Man” by Samuel Eto’o

In order for this celebration to be fully flawless, the context must be present. There was a lot of talk that Eto’o was older than he claimed to be when at Chelsea. After Jose Mourinho was covertly taped suggesting that Eto’o might be 35 rather than 32, the controversy surfaced. After scoring against Tottenham, Eto’o gave this adorable celebration in reaction to Conte’s insult.

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  • Wayne Rooney vs. Tottenham

This was the epitome of self-deprecation. Following a recent altercation with his former teammate Phil Bardsley, Wayne Rooney’s celebration against Tottenham in March 2015 was motivated. Just before Manchester United’s match against Spurs, The Sun released a video of the two battling. But Rooney emerged victorious, removing the sting of potentially damning video with this timeless demonstration of shadowboxing.

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  • Nani: “The Gymnast”

Nani may have been as great as Ronaldo if he had applied half as much effort to his on-field performance as he did to his goal celebrations. He will always be known as a failure for Manchester United as it is. But Nani is not to despair. We have the memories, at least.

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  • Romania vs. Roger Milla

At the 1990 World Cup, Roger Milla was a celebrity, but he wasn’t even invited. Milla, who had left the international football scene, was persuaded to travel by the president of Cameroon over the phone. Milan, who is 38 years old, helped Cameroon get to the quarterfinals by scoring four goals. His extravagant parties continue to be the stuff of legend.

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  • “The Philosopher,” Mario Balotelli

It was at this crucial point that Mario Balotelli truly revealed his identity. The contentious Italian took off his top after scoring a goal against Manchester United and posed the ironic query, “Why always me?” Unfortunately for Balotelli, the question was changed to “Why did we buy you” upon his return to England with Liverpool.

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  • Jamaica vs. Peter Crouch

In a 2006 match against Hungary, Peter Crouch and his lanky frame performed the robot for the first time. Against Jamaica in a subsequent pre-World Cup friendly, he repeated the performance. Crouch’s bizarre celebration turned him become a local legend, although the former Liverpool and Tottenham striker only performed it on special occasions. After scoring his 100th Premier League goal in February 2017, he gave it one last try.

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  • Francesco Totti vs. Lazio

The selfie will always be remembered. Francesco Totti, who was celebrating his second goal of the day against Lazio, reached for his phone in the thick of the frenzy and posed in front of Roma’s renowned CurvaSud. Totti was the joint-highest scorer in the history of the derby thanks to his two goals, so he had ample reason to be upset.

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  • Grandson Alessandro Florenzi

The vast majority of the memorable goal celebrations on this list are ironic or overtly arrogant. But occasionally, as with this goal celebration from Roma right back Alessandro Florenzi, a goal celebration may make you cry. He rushed the barriers after scoring so he could run into the fans and give his granny a big embrace. Unfortunately, the referee penalised him for his love of family. Please refer. Your grandmother would feel guilty.

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  • Against China: Brandi Chastain

Brandi Chastain tore off her shirt, knelt down, and celebrated the pinnacle of her career after making the pivotal fifth and final penalty against China. She had just helped the United States win the World Cup, but her response became a narrative unto itself. Pictures of Chastain knelt down in her sports bra appeared in publications all over the world. It appeared on the front cover of Sports Illustrated with the caption “Yes!”

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  • “The King” Eric Cantona

Our list of the best goal celebrations include number seven, which belonged to one of the most well-known players to ever don that particular jersey number. It’s difficult to tell if Cantona is inspecting his regal dominion or just standing there in awe. Regardless, he is still the only man who can successfully wear a popped collar.

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  • Fabio Grosso vs. Germany

Speaking of unbridled bliss, here is Fabio Grosso scoring in extra time against Germany, the unsung hero of Italy’s World Cup run in 2006. Grosso found it difficult to believe what had transpired. His expression of utter disbelief is priceless. The Azzurri were propelled to the final by Grosso’s goal, where they defeated France on penalties.



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