The differences Between American Football And Rugby

American football and rugby are two popular sports that have many similarities, but also some key differences.

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One of the biggest differences is the shape of the ball. American footballs are elongated and pointed at the ends, while rugby balls are more round and oval-shaped.

Another major difference is the number of players on the field. American football teams have 11 players on the field at a time, while rugby teams have 15.

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In terms of scoring, American football uses touchdowns, field goals, and extra points to score, while in rugby, points can be scored by scoring a try (similar to a touchdown), kicking a conversion (similar to an extra point), or kicking a penalty or drop goal (similar to a field goal).

The rules for tackling also differ between the two sports. In American football, players are not allowed to tackle above the shoulders, while in rugby, players can tackle anywhere on the body above the waist.

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American football also has frequent stops in play, with the ball being set down and the teams lining up in specific formations before each play. Rugby, on the other hand, allows for more continuous play with the ball being passed quickly from player to player.

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Another key difference between the sports is the level of protective gear worn. American football players wear pads and helmets to protect themselves, while rugby players do not wear any protective gear other than a mouth guard.

There’s a table to summarize the differences

Features American Football Rugby
Shape of ball Elongated, pointed ends Round, oval-shaped
Number of players 11 15
Scoring Touchdowns, field goals, extra points Tries, conversions, penalty/drop goals
Tackling Below the shoulders Above the waist
Stops in play Frequent Continuous
Protective gear Pads, helmets Mouth guard only

In conclusion, American football and rugby may look similar to the casual observer, but there are many key differences that set the two sports apart. Both sports are exciting to watch and have their own unique appeal, but understanding the differences can help fans better appreciate the strategy and skill involved in each sport.



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