Football World Champion In Qatar

Football World Champion in Qatar 2022

Football world champion in Qatar kicks off on Monday November 21, 2022. France is the current champion after taking home a second championship from the 2018 competition in Russia. Only Italy will not be competing in Qatar out of the seven world champions. The Azzurri will watch the World Cup from home for the second straight competition along with their four championships.

At a competition when the defending champions are heavy favorites, the remaining teams (Brazil, Germany, France, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, and England) will compete.

  • World Cup statistics

In football world champion, All eight stadiums will be within 70 kilometers of one another, making this the first World Cup to be staged in an Arab nation.  Between November 21 and December 18, it will take place in the northern hemisphere’s fall. Since there were no competitions in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II, Qatar’s tournament will be the shortest (28 days) and longest between competitions (since Brazil 1950). In the 1,590 days since France defeated Croatia (4-2) to win the World Cup in Moscow on July 15, 2018, the ball hasn’t been kicked in a World Cup.

In a competition containing six Asian teams (Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the hosts, and Australia, which plays in Asia), Qatar will be the lone nation making its tournament debut. There are 13 more alone in Europe. Wales and Canada also make a comeback after absences of 64 and 36 years, respectively. Brazil has appeared in all 22 World Cups, followed by Germany (18 consecutive appearances), Argentina (13) and Spain (12).

The fifth World Cup for Messi and Cristiano will tie the record held by German Matthaus, Italian Buffon, and Mexicans Carbajal and Marquez.

  • Schedule

The World Cup was scheduled to come to Qatar this summer, a notion that seems as absurd today as it did twelve years ago when the tiny Gulf nation, let’s just say, secured the hosting rights to soccer’s most important competition.

A single morning’s walk this week reinforced the conclusion made by FIFA‘s own analysts who had deemed a summer World Cup in the Gulf as “high risk.” Nevertheless, for many years, Qatari organizers made the commitment to produce what they had suggested, regardless of what FIFA requested: new hotels, new cooling technologies, new stadiums, and a new frontier for soccer.


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